Welcome to The Sound of Doctrine!

Greetings and salutations! 

It’s been quite a ride.  Having never run a website before, I’ve felt more than a little lost (and like a total Noob) over the past couple of days.  But here we are, bursting out of cyber-space, fresh website in hand, countless blank posts running off into the distance just waiting to be filled with delicious content. 

I hope I can deliver.

Here’s the thing though.  I’ve been listening to stuff, lots of stuff, for years now.  Some of it I’ve cataloged, most of it I have not.  Let’s face it, you gotta be pretty uptight to do that sort of thing- born an accountant (sorry accountants), to even consider such a thing.  So here I am thinking back over the hundreds, indeed, thousands of mp3s I’ve chewed on.  What are they?  Are they still around?  Can I somehow dig deep down in the recesses of my mind, find a memory or two and regurgitate the distant past for your pleasure? 

I think I can. 

Now a word about the format.  I have in mind several types of people with this website.  Not many are like me, an audio scavenger.  I forage around, sniffing here and there, trying to find something new and interesting to listen to.  I’m just trying to pass the hours (See “Through a Speaker Darkly.”).  If you are a scavenger, then you’ll probably follow my audio foot tracks.  That’s fine and good.  And for those of my ilk, I’ll warn you about the stuff that is total crap or painfully boring. 

But about other the types of people?

Let’s talk about the commuter?  Or the “I listen to stuff while I work out” guy or gal.  Or the, well, whatever.  You get the idea.  They might listen to a few things each week.  They don’t have the time, nor the desire, to listen to a whole lot.  As I post, I’ll be careful to point out which items are more for them.  My assumption here is that audio scavengers are more willing to listen to junk, because at the end of the day, they’ve got nothing else better to do while they make gidgets at the factory or drive a truck across the country.  So for the more causual listener, I’ll narrow things down to only that which is pretty good, whether generally or specifically (like a narrow category).

Now lastly, there is the infrequent listener.  This is the mom who has to stay home with a sick child while everyone else goes to church.  This is the person whose life is so packed tight they scarcely even know what an mp3 is.  Fair enough.  In this case, they need to listen to the best of the best; the absolute cream of the crop; the five star winners.  I’ll point those out for them, not only for their sake, but for all of us.  

So there you go.  There will be audio for scavengers.  Audio for the mildly dedicated.  And audio for those with infrequent flyer miles.

It’s all good.  I’m here to help.

Something needs to be said about how I will go about criticizing and praising saints and pagans alike, as that can be quite touchy.  So in the next post I’ll address that, and then we’ll begin.  For now, my family is calling.


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