A Word about Criticism

Link to Michael Horton

Criticism is certainly a touchy thing.  The last thing I want to do is discourage or unfairly disparage some saint out there– unless of course it’s Joel Osteen, which in that case am I really criticizing a saint?  Like I said, criticism is touchy.

But if I’m going to provide you with an honest appraisal of an audio piece’s quality, and here I’m thinking of the content, not the excellence of the sound, then it follows that I’m going to have to make judgments.  And that’s a good thing.  Here I’m reminded of something a pastor once told me, “Eat the meat, but spit out the bones.”

So if I spit out a bone and you want to pick a bone with me, then, well, ok.  Feel free to disagree.  Even leave a comment.  That being said, I plan on treading carefully, especially when it comes to criticizing something a saint said.  Didn’t Paul tell Timothy to avoid foolish controversies?  And to the impure, aren’t all things impure? 

So yes, I plan on offering criticism here and there, but hopefully it will be done in a constructive manner.  That’s my goal.   

With that said, let me practice the fine art of criticism:  Don’t listen to Joel Osteen.  And you might check out Michael Horton’s mp3 over at monergim entitled, “Joel Osteen: A Case Study in American Religion.”  (Update: The link is bad.  I can’t locate the mp3 in the archives… so sorry.  I may be able to track it down.)


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