An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism: Alvin Plantinga


Philosopher, mountain climber, professor.  I’m referring to Alvin Plantinga, one of America’s leading philosophers.  And he’s a Christian.  I remember listening to this some time ago while walking the mail in my usual way.  It’s a fascinating, though painfully dense argument, which makes it all the better!  Philosophers are still spilling gallons of ink over this idea, writing arcane essays long into the night.  And I’m pretty sure hard core naturalists are still dealing with the rash that broke out on their bodies after first encountering it.    

Now while I thoroughly enjoyed it, two things must be said.  One: If you aren’t comfortable hanging out in an ivory tower, don’t bother listening to this.  You will get sick of it in about four minutes.  Maybe three.  And two: While I think it does point out a genuine weakness in naturalism, it carries little to no street value.  In other words, your lost cousin isn’t going to be impressed. 

Difficulty: Advanced

Must Listen Factor:  It’s really only for philosophical enthusiasts.  You’ve been warned.       


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