Christ and Culture: The Reformed Forum

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Today I listened to part 4 in a fascinating series entitled “Christ and Culture.”  It very much follows the well known “4-views” format where each contributor presents their viewpoint and then interacts with the other positions.  The four men participating in the discussion on the relationship of Christ to culture are as follows:  Bill Dennison, Darryl Hart, Doug Wilson and Nelson Kloosterman. 

Not a bad lineup, eh?

The first four parts, each about an hour long, consist of the men answering the same questions (Think Rick Warren Presidential candidates’ interview).  The questions asked are both good and revealing.  And most of the responses are thoughtful and helpful.  Here I must confess that I find myself drawn toward Douglas Wilson and Dr. Kloosterman.  But who doesn’t like Wilson’s halting and searching, simile driven manner of speaking?

Anyway, it is a series that makes you think. 

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Must listen factor: Scavengers will definitely want this one.  The casual listener should probably only wade into this if they are really interested in the topic.  It is good, but certainly not a must listen.

Download Audio, Christ and Culture: The Reformed Forum.  See picture.


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