The Goodness of Sex and the Glory of God


We feel comfortable talking about missions and the glory of God.  We can talk about salvation and the glory of God.  Music and the glory of God.  Creation and the glory of God.  Even suffering and the glory of God.

But rarely does one have the audacity to link sex with the glory of God.  And yet, the two are intimately wed together, bound and united in the designs of God to not only bring us great joy, but express deep truths.

Here I heartily commend to you a message from Pastor Ben Patterson, Chaplin of Westmont College.  I cannot say that I know of a more sweetly insightful and careful handling of this profound and delicate subject. 

It’s been years since I last listened to this, but it still remains with me.  That surely says something.  And rarely do I ask my wife to listen to the mp3s I’ve been enjoying, as she’s an infrequent audio flyer,  but in this instance, mostly because I kept urging her, she caved in.  Today she would tell you that this one of the most important messages she has ever heard.  It greatly affected her outlook; made her look at the gift of sex in a new more glorious light.    

 “If only young couples could get this,” I remember her saying, “If only they could understand. “  She had in mind the sanctity of sex and marriage.  But more than that.  She had in mind the wonderful connection between intimacy and the greater reality, namely, Christ and His Church, yes, seeing our God face to face.

The implications are manifold, but time only permits one more comment.  In this vein, I remember something else my wife told me.  She said, in effect, “Christian teachers often warn youth about remaining pure, which is good, but it’s framed almost exclusively in terms of negatives: Premarital sex causes unwanted pregnancy, it transmits disease, leads to broken hearts, etc.  That’s true and right, but in the battle of purity more is needed.  The desires of the heart and body are too strong, and such prohibitions usually fall to the wayside.  The mind has to grasp the utter sanctity of sex, its holiness, and what it pictures.  Youth and old alike must see these connections, for only then will the heart be compelled to remain true.  Why?  Because it has feasted upon the deeper reality.  It has tasted God’s goodness.”

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: A Must Listen.  I would put an age requirement on this, however.  I think caution should be exercised with those under 14 years of age.  It does handle adult themes. 

Download Audio, the Goodness of Sex and the Glory of God.  See picture.


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