Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel? (John Piper)


T4G is always a great event, but this year was especially good.  I may have more to say about it in upcoming blogs, but I want to stress John Piper’s message.  I haven’t listened to all the speakers, but this was the highlight for me thus far.  Piper is always a stirring speaker with his passion and biblical fidelity, but what made this message particularly delicious was the subject matter. 

Did Jesus preach Paul’s Gospel?  For many of us, the question may seem absurd, but in some scholarly circles, it is a live question.  And if you’ve ever read through Romans and felt the weight of its doctrinal precision and argumentation, you may have thought, and maybe only subconsciously, “Is this what Jesus preached?  Isn’t this pretty far removed from the substance of His message with all this technical language?”

If these thoughts have ever crawled into your mind, then this is a must listen for you.  If such an idea has never occurred to you, well, uh, great.  I would still highly recommend it though. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Very High.  Theological aficionados will want to eat some old leftovers so they can call in sick in order to listen to this.  Casuals should seriously consider this.  Infrequents, well, I’m going to always think you should listen to more stuff.  But I’ll understand if you miss this one. 

P.S. The link is linked to the Desiring God website.  The title is a little different there, but it’s the same message.  Download Audio, Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel?  See Picture.


One thought on “Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel? (John Piper)

  1. Piper at his usual best. That handling of Luke 18 (that portion) was fantastic and many things there that I have never considered or seen. Thanks for the link and time spent filtering through the “must listens”.

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