I Don’t Believe in Atheists – Chris Hedges

See link below

I have to admit that I really enjoy listening to “Point of Inquiry,” an atheistic podcast seeking to advance reason, science and secular values in public affairs, as their motto goes.  In other words, they preach the gospel of humanism. 

Now I don’t get a kick out of their productions because I take delight in their message, quite the contrary.  Rather I enjoy the quality of the interviews.  On top of that, I like to get the story right from the horse’s mouth, whenever possible.  This is to say that I like to hear what atheists are saying to other atheists.  I like to press my ear up against the door and listen- listen to them when they have their guard down.

Over the past couple of years, I think I’ve digested nearly all of their podcasts.  In due course, I’ll introduce you to the best of the best (or the best of the worst, if you know what I mean). 

To start things off, I’d like to recommend this interesting piece.  The man being interviewed is Chris Hedges, a distinguished journalist who has spent a significant amount of time covering the Middle East.  What makes the interview fascinating, in my opinion, is Mr. Hedges distinct pessimism.  Pessimism about what?  Human nature.  This guy is a thorough-going one point Calvinist, which is to say that he starts to write the word TULIP.  Basically, this man thinks humans are deeply flawed and capable of profound evil- even us, the nice shiny Americans in the civilized west. 

Now one can almost hear the veins of D.J. Grothe, the interviewer, beginning to stretch and pop as the discussion advances.  He’s struggling with Mr. Hedges persistent pessimism, as well as his accurate critique of the New Atheists. 

I don’t know, maybe you won’t find it quite as enjoyable as I did.  But I really enjoyed it.  Then again, I’m easily amused, when it comes to this kind of stuff.  So take it or leave it. 

http://www.pointofinquiry.org/chris_hedges_i_dont_believe_in_atheists/ (Give the link a second or copy paste it.  It’s a hair slow).

Difficulty: Beginner

Must Listen Factor: Moderate.  Audio scavengers interested in New Atheism will definitely want to give it a go.  Casuals with a similar penchant may as well.  As for the rest, probably not. 


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