Can We Be Good Without God? – William Lane Craig


Is pulling the trigger evil?  Is robbing a bank good or bad?  Is sacrificing one’s own offspring detestable or morally indifferent?  Where should I go to school?  How should I conduct business?  Should I give to charity?  Should I say…?  Should I go…?  Should I believe that 2+2 = 4?  Ought I to value your feelings?  Should I think that I ought to do certain things?  Ought.  Ought.  Ought.  Ought.  A thousand times, ought.

It is the question that lies behind everything.  Why is that?  Why does every square inch of reality seemingly have an ethical element lurking below the surface?  I mean really, did Paul actually connect sipping coffee and eating a roast beef sandwich with the glory of God? (1 Corinthians 10:31). 

He did.

The issue of ethical foundations is of paramount importance.  Everything hinges upon this simple question: Does morality have an objective foundation? 

Christian philosopher and prolific apologist, Dr. William Lane Craig has provided us with a careful and thoughtful and convincing analysis of the question at hand.  Basically, he explores the “ought.”  And more specifically, he explores whether naturalism can provide us with a standard of morality capable of escaping the problem of pure relativism or subjectivism, the idea being that morality is nothing more than a human convention based on one’s own whims and wishes, whether on an individual level or a whole society. 

As some of you have heard me say, some people like to have their neighbors over for dinner, and some like to have their neighbors for dinner.  What’s the difference?  Both are based on feelings, right?

So what is the foundation for morality?  How do we adjudicate between good and evil?  This lecture is one of the best out there.  I highly recommend it.  And listen.  It is philosophical.  No doubt about that.  But if you can get this idea firmly entrenched in your mind, if you can really get a handle on this, your apologetic arsenal will double in size.  This has tremendous street value.  One need only watch the news with a friend and ask, “So, let me get this straight.  Flying planes into buildings is bad, correct?  Why is that?  How do we know?”

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: High.  If you’ve never thought very deeply about this question, I would say that it is a must listen.  Dr. Craig is also a very clear and logical presenter.  It is refreshing.

Download Audio, Can We Be Good Without God?  See Picture.


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