An Evening of Eschatology – Panel Discussion


It was an evening of eschatology… and escalation at times!  I can still remember Piper expressing shock over how strongly some of panel members felt about their particular eschatological views.  And the funny thing is that Douglas Wilson, who happened to be a contributor that night, was by far the most subdued.  He remained perfectly at ease, content to let the others wrestle it out.  I was impressed.

But let’s back up.  Here’s the original invitation advertising the event.  It will provide the basic details. 

“Conference speakers Sam Storms and Doug Wilson have graciously agreed to stay with us for an extra evening, and Jim Hamilton from Southern Seminary will be joining us (and lecturing to BCS the following day), as John Piper hosts “An Evening on Eschatology.” Piper will interview the panel; Storms will represent the amillennial position, Wilson the postmillennial, and Hamilton the historic premillennial view.

So that’s what it was.  A discussion about eschatology.

Now will this discussion help you reach a conclusion, a conclusion as to which eschatological position is correct?  Probably not.  Basically these kinds of things are meant for the initiated, which is to say that most of the people attending already have their minds made up.  But that’s ok.  It’s still a fun exchange.  And there’s almost always a tasty morsel to be found here or there.   

So it was fun.  Jim Hamilton and Sam Storms definitely had some lively moments.  But don’t misunderstand me.  Chairs weren’t thrown around or anything.  We are talking about theologians after all.  That being said, Storms and Hamilton both harbor strong convictions about this subject.  And that makes it interesting.

After you give this a listen, you might check out Sam Storms’ article, “Problems with Premillennialism.”  It will shed light on why he banked so much on his eschatological outlook, while interacting with Mr. Hamilton. 

You can read it here:

Difficulty: Confusing to the uninitiated.  Fun for theologians. 

Must Listen Factor:  If you haven’t read at least two books on eschatology, or if you don’t even know what eschatology is, then hold off on this one.  As for the rest, I’d say give it a go, if you enjoy discussing eschatology.  And if you’re into Hal Lindsey, um… it’s going to be a long debate.


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