Dialogue on the Resurrection – NT Wright and John Dominic Crossan


NT Wright has written arguably the best book on the literal/physical resurrection of Jesus Christ to date.  It is a scholarly gem.  So when you set him next to John Dominic Crossan, a man who co-chaired the Jesus Seminar for over ten years, a venture known for its atrocious liberalism, you expect disagreement.  And disagreement there was– Disagreement at the most fundamental level.  Indeed, at the very heart of Christianity.

If you’ve never listened to a wholesale liberal theologian articulate his beliefs, then give this a try.  It’s truly amazing how someone so studied can miss the obvious.  But of course the heart doesn’t bow under the weight of academia, does it?    

Two cautions are in order.  First of all, the discussion becomes rather tedious at times (mostly because of Crossan).  And if you aren’t familiar with Bishop N.T. Wright, his views on justification have received no small amount of attention, as he distances himself from a more Reformational perspective (Um, biblical) to a more New Perspective on Paul slant (Uh, not so biblical).  So exercise discernment if you look up other things he has written or recorded.

Difficulty: Advanced

Must Listen Factor:  This is pretty specialized and is really only meant for scavengers.  William Lane Craig would be someone who provides a more understandable presentation of the historicity and reliability of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.     

Note: The link takes you to a website full of stuff.  Scroll down halfway to the section entitled, “Historical Jesus and Bible Reliability.”  This debate is the second from the bottom, before “radical/liberal critics.”)


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