The Rage Against God – Unbelievable

Across the pond in the UK there’s a radio show called “Unbelievable” hosted by Justin Brierley. The purpose of the program is to allow Christians and non-Christians interact in a controlled environment about a variety of topics.  Most of the episodes are interesting, although I find myself feeling frustrated with some of guests representing the Christian side of things. 

Here recently, I listened to Peter Hitchens and Adam Rutherford discuss Peter’s latest book, “The Rage Against God,” a book challenging the strident anti-theism of his brother, Christopher Hitchens.  Up until this show, I had no idea Christopher Hitchens had a brother, let alone a Christian brother.  Now that’s an interesting dynamic, no?  I wonder what Christmas is like at their family gatherings?

So anyway, had it not been Peter Hitchens, I probably would have given up on the episode.  It was a lot of the same old same old for the most part.

That was until the topic of abortion came up. 

I’ve listened to quite a few discussions about abortion, and I can’t recall any quite as enthralling as this one.  I have to say, I absolutely loved Peter Hitchen’s passion.  He kept jabbing Mr. Rutherford’s chest, if you will, not allowing him a comfortable moment.  It was great.  I felt myself saying, “Yes, say that again.  Don’t let him off the hook.  Drive it home.”

It ended up being an enjoyable listen.  So if you want to hear the famous atheist’s brother, Peter, and if you want to hear a lively exchange on abortion, give it a go.

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Ah, really, it’s pretty low.  Scavengers will want to download it, but as for the rest, you may want to spend an hour listening to something else.

Download: You can get this from ITunes.  I prefer to download it from the provided link (see picture).  Scroll down to the episode and right click/download the address by the little headphones.  Here is the homepage of their website:


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