Reformed Theological Seminary – Ronald Nash

Are you ready to work your imagination?  Ok. Picture Rush Limbaugh.  Um, no.  Correction.  Think of the good qualities of Rush Limbaugh… his sense of humor, his keen wit, his infectious laugh, his radio voice, his passion…  Now imagine Rush Limbaugh undergoing a profound conversion.  Imagine he’s got Calvin’s Institutes tucked under his arm.  Imagine [...]


Can Man Live Without God? – Ravi Zacharias

About fourteen years ago, a friend of mine handed me a cassette entitled “Can Man Live Without God?”  I looked at the name and shrugged my shoulders, “No, I can’t say that I’ve heard of him.”  My friend looked surprised, “You haven’t heard of Ravi Zacharias?  Here.  Take it.  I think you’ll really like him.” [...]

On Abortion – The Good and the Very Bad

While preparing for a talk on abortion, I rummaged around the Planned Parenthood website, hoping to find some statistics and audio files.  To my surprise, they did in fact have a podcast.  The show is called “Speaking of Sex.”  It’s hosted by two spunky, none-too-easily-embarrassed, hip twenty somethings, Malika and Nathan.  Unfortunately, they applaud murder.    [...]

Just War Theory – D.A. Carson

Under what circumstances or conditions is a nation justified in engaging in war?  To protect itself?  To protect an ally?  To obtain oil?  Land?  To stop an evil dictator from mistreating his citizens?  To stop genocide?  When an enemy nation is threatening to hurt you?  When a country is at war, opinions about it fly [...]

The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing: An Exposition of James 3:1-12 – Sinclair Ferguson

“The tongue is a fire,” says James, “a world of unrighteousness.” Technologically speaking, we have made great strides in subduing the earth.  We can adjust the temperature of the air in our homes, cure diseases, travel from one continent to another in mere hours, erect magnificent buildings, transmit our voices through the airwaves... yes, we [...]