Are We Alone in the Universe? – Unbelievable


It was supposed to be a discussion about extra-terrestrial life, and that occurred to some extent, but it ended up being mostly a debate about intelligent design.  And in this discussion revolving around ID, astrophysicist Paul Davies, a man who is also chair of the SETI post detection task force (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), aired his metaphysical assumptions in a surprisingly clear and open manner.  About what?  Aliens?  Nope.  The nature of God. 

The bottom line: Davies simply won’t accept the God of Abraham.  For He is far too personal and intimate in His dealings with man.  And this leads Davies to think of God as dull and unimpressive.  It’s truly shocking just how biased this renowned astrophysicist truly is. 

The discussion is alright, so far as discussions like this go, but if you want to cut to the heart of the matter, go to about the 24 minute mark and listen until the 27 minute mark.  That’s where you’ll really get an insight into “objective” thinking. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate

Note: Follow the link and scroll down to April 17th.  Download the headphones link.  Or just go to ITunes.


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