NEXT Conference – 2010


For several years now, Sovereign Grace has hosted a conference called NEXT.  Part of its purpose is captured in the following quote from their website,

“The idea behind Next was born when Joshua Harris, still in his twenties, wanted to expose other young men and women to older pastors and theologians who had profoundly affected his life. Josh started the New Attitude conference as a way to bring thousands of younger people and dozens of faithful pastors together to transfer the gospel faithfully from one generation to the next.  In 2008 New Attitude ended and now Next is born—an even more focused way of helping see the gospel transferred and received faithfully.”

The intent is to reach out to those in their late teens and twenties.  The messages are clear and understandable, designed to stretch and introduce important theological constructs.

Here is a list of the 2010 speakers and their subjects.

What are you Built On? Joshua Harris

The Doctrine of Christ’s Word Accomplished and Applied Mark Dever

Scripture Kevin DeYoung

Sanctification C. J. Mahoney

God D.A. Carson

The Church Kevin DeYoung

The End Times Jeff Purswell

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate (For those in their late teens and twenties)

Must Listen Factor: I listened to some of Mahoney, most of Purswell and all of Carson.  The messages were biblical, passionate and well delivered (as you would expect).  But again, they’re geared toward those who aren’t especially acquainted with theology. 


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