Israel’s Enemies Under David’s Foot: The OT and the Kingdom of God – Douglas Green

When biblical theology is done well, it is a beautiful thing. 

Douglas Green, professor of Old Testament and biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, has given a tremendously helpful and insightful lecture on the OT background of the Kingdom of God.  He looks particularly at Psalm 2 and 110, but while doing so he weaves together a host of other delicious concepts and oft overlooked ideas.  In many ways, this lecture is all about how to put together your Bible.   

Rarely do I listen to something twice.  But in this case, I happily journeyed through it a second time.  I highly recommend it.    

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced.  For many, they will feel like a lot of new concepts are being thrown at them.  That being said, it is an understandable lecture.  There’s not a lot of jargon, just biblical information. 

Must Listen Factor: The only reason I’m not giving this a “Must Listen” score is because (1) it’s a lecture, and (2) it’s fairly heavy.  Students and small group leaders should definitely get a grip on biblical theology, however.  Give it a go.      

Note: The link takes you to Westminster Theological Seminary.  You have to create an account (it is free) in order to download audio.  Once you set up an account, look on the left side bar.  Click “Audio Archive Login.”  Then login.  Now under search look under “All speakers.”  Go to “Douglas J. Green.”  Scroll down to Israel’s Enemies Under David’s Foot: The OT and the Kingdom of God.”  Download that bad boy.

Additional Resources:  9Marks Ministry (think Mark Dever) has a new interview podcast out exploring biblical theology.  It is a roundtable discussion with Michael Lawrence, Tom Schreiner, and Jonathan Leeman.  It has a moderate “must listen” factor.  You can find that here: Link.  You may enjoy it as well.


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