Faith and Reason – John Piper

Karl Taylor once commented, “There are none more ignorant and useless, then they that seek answers on their knees, with their eyes closed.”

Atheists have long chided Christians for supposedly abandoning reason and logic in favor of something called faith.  Faith, it is urged, is nothing more than a blind leap, a wishful desire, a fairy tale embracing movement of the will whereby credulity reigns and reality vanishes. 

Nothing of course could be further from the truth.

Yet it pains me to admit that there have been those who have essentially defined faith in terms of a “leap in the dark.”  This is terribly unfortunate.  Hebrews chapter 11 knows no such thing.  But there is another danger, and it is one that equally pains me.  It is the faith most commonly associated with academia.  Here I am thinking of those men and women who engage in serious and rigorous thinking, but while discussing their fields of expertise, they fail to keep a clear eye on the Lordship of Christ.  Biblical fidelity is, often unwittingly, lost to some degree.  And when they do that, I want to say, “What is the point?  Do you want people to believe God’s Word or not?  For if you do, then please model the end result in a more faithful fashion.”

Christians are not defenders of Deism.  And neither are they trusting in a bare Theism.  Our faith is in Jesus Christ. 

So if you’ve ever shared my frustration, or if you’ve ever wondered what the biblical perspective is regarding faith and reason, then I urge you to consider this message by John Piper.  It seems to me that time and time again he hits the nail on the head.  The following is no exception, in my view. 

Difficulty: Moderate

Must Listen Factor: It’s a must listen.  Simple as that. 

Download Audio, Faith and Reason, John Piper.  Click picture.


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