A Biblical View of Science and Nature – Vern Poythress

In a day and age when there is so much confusion among Christians over the relationship between science and faith, as well as nature and God, it is refreshing to hear a lecture like this from Dr. Poythress.  For far too often Christians seem to forget that is it God Himself who provides the necessary preconditions for science itself.  It is God Himself who is Lord, not only over men, but over all of nature.  He is the intimate Architect, and it is His authority and law that is etched into the very fabric of reality.

Some may find this lecture a bit dry, but the substance is high.  It is also presuppositional in its approach, which, in my humble estimation, is the way to go.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Must Listen Factor: Moderate

Additional Note: Sometimes contrast is a good teaching tool.  One might want to juxtapose this lecture with, say, the following debate from Unbelievable.  It is entitled, “God and Science.”  It transpired on May 1, 2010.  Go to this link and scroll down.  Download from the headphones icon (Or ITunes).  Can this Christian scientist, given his methodology and approach, adequately answer the atheist?      

Additional Resources: Dr. Poythress also has a similar lecture entitled, “Reformed Critique of Modern Science.”  It is located at Westminster as well (see picture link).

To download audio, click picture, sign in at Westminster audio, search titles or search by name (Poythress).


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