Providence and the Christian Historian – Mark Noll and Carl Trueman

Gather round all ye historians.

I’m just beginning to work my way through the “Westminster Notable Guest Lecturers,” so I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks, but to kick things off, I downloaded and listened to one of Mark Noll’s lectures entitled “Providence and the Christian Historian.”  In a nutshell, he explores the question of interpretation, specifically the Christian’s ability and authority to properly interpret God’s present, providential designs.  Simply put, can we know what God’s up to in such and such situation? 

After outlining his position, Dr. Trueman responds briefly, both agreeing with and critiquing Dr. Noll.  Dr. Noll is then given an opportunity to respond. 

Difficulty: Advanced 

Must Listen Factor: Very specialized.  History buffs are the only ones who will probably find this interesting.  No, wait.  Let me state that more strongly.  For those who don’t love history and theology, this may cause you to slip into a coma.  In other words, Dr. Noll doesn’t try to jazz his listeners with anecdotal stories and dynamic speaking.  It’s a lecture.      

To Download, click picture.  It takes you to ITunes.  If that doesn’t work, simply search “Westminster Notable Theologians” on ITunes.  Then locate Mark Noll’s lecture.


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