How to Wait for Jesus – D.A. Carson

Suppose you’re discipling a young Christian in the faith and the topic of Christ’s return is on the table.  In terms of practical living, how to do you instruct him?  In other words, how is he to wait for Jesus?  What should be his attitude?  His priorities?  His expectations?  In light of the Lord’s return, what should he be doing?  What would you say?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our Lord had a lot to say about this subject.  If you need to be refreshed, read Matthew chapters 24 and 25 again.  And after reading it, ask yourself if what you would have emphasized to the new Christian adequately reflects what the Lord emphasized. 

If perchance you’d like to hear an able theologian unpack this section of Scripture in a helpful and convicting manner, and without going into all the eschatological debate, then I heartily recommend this two part sermon from D.A. Carson.  It is good to hear again how we should wait for Jesus.    

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: High.  This is for all Christians.

Download Audio, click picture.


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