The History and Theology of Calvinism – Dr. Curt Daniel

I believe I was listening to Phil Johnson, when I first heard the name Curt Daniel.  He was teaching on the extent of the atonement, drawing attention to the fact that there is a divergence of opinion even amongst Calvinists when it comes to particular redemption.  When he referenced Curt Daniel, he did so with respect, obviously esteeming the man.  But he labeled him a low Calvinist, as opposed to high, which is a way of reflecting the spectrum of thought surrounding the extent of the atonement. 

I was intrigued.  So I Googled the name and whala! there were like 70 messages in a series entitled The History and Theology of Calvinism.  Good night!  That’s a lot of listening. 

Now here’s the thing.  I haven’t listened to all of them.  I jumped around focusing mostly on the historical lectures.  But so far, it’s solid stuff. 

Now in all fairness, I’m not a history buff, so it isn’t exactly something that charges me up.  But the fact that he held my attention for hours on end surely says something.  This isn’t to say that he’s a Charles Spurgeon, but neither is he like that guy who just kept saying, “Bueller? … Bueller? … Bueller? …”  It’s somewhere in the middle. 

So would I recommend this as a primer on Calvinism?  No, I can’t say I would.  He doesn’t have beginners in mind.  A lot of details are tossed around.  So it constantly oscillates between intermediate and advanced. 

I would encourage listeners to check out his stuff on the atonement.  I think far too many 5-pointers fail to recognize that there are differences amongst the Reformers.  Many today would be more like John Owen (Pecuniary view).  I think Charles Hodge or R.L. Dabney, or Baxter, for that matter, are closer to the truth (Judicial satisfaction).  Read Charles Hodge on the atonement, if words like pecuniary and judicial aren’t familiar categories.  You may want to check out this website as well.  “Calvin and Calvinism.”  Agree or disagree, there is much to consider. 

Difficulty: As I said, this is not for beginners.  Intermediate to Advanced.

Must Listen Factor:  Pretty specialized.  History buffs and theology majors might want to wade in.  If anything, treat it like a reference tool.  Grab what interests you and move on.   

Download Audio, The History and Theology of Calvinism.  See Picture.


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