The Pastor and His Community – Mark Dever

Apparently this message was delivered back in 2009 at a men’s breakout session at a Sovereign Grace Pastor’s Conference.  Mark Dever’s goal was to address the following question: What is a congregation’s responsibility to the wider community?  His answer came in the form of 35 points.  Yes, 35 points!  Have no fear, however, the points move quickly and capture biblical elements quite well.    

I must say that I appreciated the approach and found it enjoyable.  It also served the Q and A time, which was substantial (I’d say about 40 minutes), surprisingly well. 

One may want to quibble over his emphasis here or there, but then again, maybe not (He takes some issue with Tim Keller, for example).  At the very least, this session will make you think.  It just might make you ask afresh, “So what should we be doing outside the walls of the church.”  And that’s a good thing. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate

To Download, click picture.


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