Just War Theory – D.A. Carson

Under what circumstances or conditions is a nation justified in engaging in war?  To protect itself?  To protect an ally?  To obtain oil?  Land?  To stop an evil dictator from mistreating his citizens?  To stop genocide?  When an enemy nation is threatening to hurt you? 

When a country is at war, opinions about it fly freely.  Just visit a café on a Saturday morning.  Pontifications abound.  Unfortunately, few ever think deeply about what constitutes just war.  War is one thing.  But what a just war?  Is there such a thing? 

In this helpful lecture, D.A. Carson explores the subject with care and insight, offering guidelines for righteously engaging a nation in war.  I found it quite interesting, and I think you will as well.  And while we’ll probably never have to make a decision about going to war, being informed will help us speak more clearly and biblically, not to mention vote more intelligently. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate                

To Download, click picture, or go to Part 1 here and the Q and A here.


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