On Abortion – The Good and the Very Bad

While preparing for a talk on abortion, I rummaged around the Planned Parenthood website, hoping to find some statistics and audio files.  To my surprise, they did in fact have a podcast.  The show is called “Speaking of Sex.”  It’s hosted by two spunky, none-too-easily-embarrassed, hip twenty somethings, Malika and Nathan. 

Unfortunately, they applaud murder.   

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard anything more infuriating, anything more maddening, than their two part discussion on abortion.  As though it were the most natural thing in the world, babies are sometimes referred to as fetal anomalies.  In addition to that, advocates of abortion are said to be advancing “reproductive justice.”  Reproductive justice?  Really?  Are you serious? 

It’s just amazing, absolutely amazing what sin can do to sanity.      

If you want to hear perspectives on the rationale of abortion from the inside, wade into these two podcasts.  One might wonder why anyone would, but I think it’s important to stay abreast.  We need to understand how the opposition thinks.  We need to be reminded just how awful it really is.

The first is entitled, “Abortion – In the Clinics, In the Courts (Nov 15th 2006)
The second is entitled, “Abortion: Exploring Choice (Dec 16th 2006)

You will have to scroll down HERE towards the bottom and download from the little headphone icons. 

On the flip side, I heartily recommend the following pro-life talks for your audio consumption.  The first two are from the podcast “Think Again.”  Greg Koukl’s resources are excellent as well.  He’s a well known defender of the unborn and has spoken and written extensively.  You might check out “Precious Unborn Human Persons.”  The “Think Again” podcasts can be found here.     

I would also highly recommend John Piper’s recent message on abortion.  As usual, he is clear, arresting, passionate and biblical.  It is entitled, “Born Blind for the Glory of God.”  You can find it here.  It’s a must listen, simple as that.

 Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: Given our cultural milieu, it’s a must listen.  Most of us aren’t going to wade through all of them, and that’s ok, but at least pick one or two.  I would encourage you to prioritize Piper and the Planned Parenthood podcasts.


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