Reformed Theological Seminary – Ronald Nash

Are you ready to work your imagination? 


Picture Rush Limbaugh.  Um, no.  Correction.  Think of the good qualities of Rush Limbaugh… his sense of humor, his keen wit, his infectious laugh, his radio voice, his passion…  Now imagine Rush Limbaugh undergoing a profound conversion.  Imagine he’s got Calvin’s Institutes tucked under his arm.  Imagine him studying for years.  And finally, imagine him obtaining a professorship at Reformed Theological Seminary. 

Now let me introduce you to the late, Dr. Ronald Nash, a man who, every time I listen to him, reminds me of Rush Limbaugh (without the rabies).    

Few seminary teachers are capable of being both serious and funny, entertaining and penetrating, biblical and light-hearted, but Professor Nash pulls it off.  And he pulls it off with flying colors.

Look, I’ve waded through my fair share of online seminary courses, and I must say, that while much of the content out there is meaty, much of it’s terribly dry.  It’s like a hungry man eating beef jerky in the desert.  Let’s put some gravy on those mashed taters and roast beef, please. 

Well, good news.  Ronald Nash loves the meat and the gravy.  And for that, I heartily recommend his lectures to you.  You can find them over at Biblical Training, a site teaming with excellent resources.          

There are four lectures available for your mental consumption.  All of them are well done.  They are:

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Must Listen Factor: Moderate.  These are full courses, so if you want to wade through them, you’re going to have to put in a lot of time.  Probably only Scavengers with a penchant for theology will want to digest a course or two.


2 thoughts on “Reformed Theological Seminary – Ronald Nash

    1. Ah, I wasn’t being nasty. Sometimes I get a little frothy-mouthed too 🙂 But I must say that while I am politically conservative, I don’t think we should emulate Rush’s attitude and approach. But yes, he’s very funny at times.

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