Homosexuality – Matt Chandler

Today I heard an advertisement on a radio station challenging people to think about their choice of words.  Well, actually, not words so much, but one word in particular.  And what was that one word? 


The commercial begins with a couple teenage girls using the word “gay” in a flippant manner.  “Oh, that’s like so gay…” or “That party was totally gay.”  A moment later, a male voice cuts in and asks them to think about what their saying.  Basically, he instructs the girls about the various meanings of the word, pointing out that gay can mean happiness, or someone with a homosexual orientation.  Now it’s often used as a synonym for stupid or bad.  And this last usage, it is urged, is both dumb and insensitive.  The commercial ends by calling us to think about our choice of words. 

The basic point is fine, so far as it goes, we should watch our tongues, nevertheless, as we’re all aware, our culture is continually moving in a decidedly pro-homosexual direction.  And with that, thoughtful disapproval of homosexual behavior is often confused with ignorant bigotry.    

Today, more than ever, we need humble, clear, biblical, loving men to stand up and address this issue. 

Enter Matt Chandler. 

In this two hour long seminar exploring homosexuality, Pastor Chandler competently tackles the subject.  With a good mixture of humor and biography, he first establishes the universality and nature of sin, framing the question nicely.  Six street objections are tackled next.  All of them are answered convincingly.  Finally, there’s a period of Q and A. 

All in all, I was quite impressed, and I think this would be helpful, not only to Christians, but non-Christians as well. 

Matt Chandler is an engaging speaker.  The information is solid.  You won’t be bored. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor: High.

To download, click the picture.  Look for 5-21-10, Culture and Theology, Matt Chandler.  The download icon is on the right.


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