Good God and Evil World – Paul Copan

I could only slap my forehead, when I listened to this 18 minute response to the problem of evil. 

I don’t make it a habit of pointing out, um, let us say, less than stellar articulations of the Christian faith, but in the present case, I couldn’t resist.  What Paul Copan said, regarding natural disasters, from the 8:09 mark to the 9:51 mark, is downright disappointing.  So I commend this segment to you for your consumption, not for edification sake, but in order to illustrate one wrong way of handling the problem of evil.  [In all fairness, he does talk about creation groaning at a later point in the podcast, but I believe my criticism still holds.]

Difficulty: Intermediate

Must Listen Factor:  Low (Although I would urge you to consider the specific segment I highlighted.  Use it as a springboard for discussion in a small group or Sunday School class.).


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