What is an Evangelical? An Assessment of the Evangelical and Roman Catholic Project. – D.A. Carson

One may very well wonder, given the continual erosion of the boundaries, what Evangelical means these days.  But in this helpful lecture, D.A. Carson explores the question and provides some interesting and insightful answers… and lest you think this is merely some cursory or superficial investigation into the question- a magazine article moment- the talk breaks the 3 hour mark!  Yes, 3 hours.  

Few stones are left unturned, and I love it.  Also, as the title suggests, Roman Catholicism is discussed at some length. 

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Must Listen Factor: Moderate/Specialized.  Few people are going to want to invest three hours on this, but if they do, there is much to be gained.  Almost undoubtedly, this will introduce many new and fresh concepts.  So if you’ve got an adventurous spirit, go for it. 

 To download , click picture.


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