A Thorn in the Side of Inerrancy? – G.K. Beale

G.K. Beale is a first rate scholar, and his work in the area of the use of the OT in the NT is second to none.  One need only read through his magisterial commentary on Revelation to witness this fact. 

Listen as Dr. Beale tackles one of the most perplexing NT quotations of the OT, namely, Matthew 2:15.  It is handled masterfully and convincingly.  There is also a short, but helpful overview of the various stances theologians adopt regarding the hermeneutical methodology of the apostles. 

Difficulty: Advanced

Must Listen Factor: Specialized.  If you’re serious about this particular issue, you’ll love it.  If not, then it’ll probably prove taxing, for it’s a fairly involved discussion. 

To Download, click picture, which will take you to ITunes.  For some this won’t work.  Therefore, go to ITunes, search “Westminster Distinctive,” and Beale’s lecture is the first in that folder.


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