Postmodernism – D.A. Carson

It is important to understand the philosophical undercurrents of our age.  Not only will we be in a better position to exegete culture, but we will be more adequately prepared to engage the popular mindset of unbelief.  There is, of course, no single all encompassing worldview of unbelief in our country, but if there were one, postmodernism comes close.   

Few have thought more deeply about the phenomenon of postmodernism than D.A. Carson.  When preparing to write his book “The Gagging of God,” Dr. Carson read hundreds of volumes concerned with the topic.  And it shows.  He provides a very helpful summary of the history of thought from pre-enlightenment to modernism to postmodernism.  In addition, he helpfully explores the underlying ideas of, say, Michel Foucault or Jacques Derrida. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about epistemology.  It’s all about epistemology.

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Must Listen Factor: High for scavengers.  Moderate for everyone else.  Carson takes a complicated subject and makes it understandable.  I benefitted greatly from this lecture.      

To download: There are two parts.  To download them, click the picture.


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