TULIP – John Piper

[Today’s post is for a certain individual I know, but is relevant to all.]


I’m excited to hear that you’re curious about the doctrines of sovereign grace (Or the five points of Calvinism, as they are also known).  I can still remember the first time I was confronted with these amazing truths.  My wife and I were eating dinner with her family, and I recounted to my father-in-law something a friend of mine attending college heard.  In one of his classes, they were wrestling with the sovereignty of God.  The teacher was arguing that God was completely sovereign- completely in control, down to the smallest of details.  This of course made some of the students cry out, “Then we are mere puppets!” 

As I recounted this to my Father-in-law, thinking he would disagree with such exhaustive sovereignty and side with me, who quite naturally frowned upon such control, he casually opened his Bible to Romans nine and handed it to me.  “Here, read this,” he said.  That was the beginning of a long and wonderful journey!  Now these many years later, I’m a convinced Calvinist (though one might as well say Biblicist, as Calvin was merely expounding what the Scriptures clearly teach).  Few doctrines are more precious and awe-inspiring and majestic and humbling and comforting, than the doctrines of sovereign grace.  So like I said, I’m excited for you.  But I think you should be prepared to be stretched, even perplexed a bit.  That being said, there is much to be gained.  Much to gained indeed!  My life hasn’t been the same, and I trust this will have the same impact on you as well.       

I mentioned that I would track something down for you to download.  Honestly, there are many good options out there.  Many able teachers have taught at length on this subject.  Countless volumes have been written as well.  So I’m going to fall back on one of my favorite biblical teachers, John Piper.  He has a 9 part series on the five points of Calvinism (entitled TULIP).  Tulip is an acronym.  Piper will explain further.  Anyway, I truly hope you enjoy. 

Difficulty: Moderate.  The teachings are clear, but the “weight” is profoundly heavy.

Must Listen Factor: High.  Every Christian should think through this issue.  If you haven’t, then I would say that this has a must listen factor.

Length: Each lesson is 45 minutes to1 hour and 10 minutes.

To Download: Click picture


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