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Testimonies are not only powerful, but awe-inspiring.  God’s wonderful grace is set on display.  And in the case of Mez McConnell, God’s patient and persistent, heart-melting love is especially evident.

This is certainly the story of a young man being saved from drugs and violence and hard-heartedness (which I might add as an aside, is told in a powerful way), but it is more than that.  Mez is now is a preacher in inner-city Edinburgh, Scotland.  He ventures right into the darkest areas of society.  He goes right for the scum, if you will.  And it is moving… and convicting.  

As a deacon, I’m going to especially ask other deacons to listen to this message.  There is much here that we need to absorb and emulate.  Tactics are discussed, but that isn’t the focal point.  It’s the heart of the man that should strike us.  It is the passion and boldness that should arrest us.

So give it a go.  It’s a good interview.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate to High.  Calling all deacons!  Give it an hour of your time.

Length: 1 hour.

To Download: Click Picture.

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It’s Moving Time!

So, yeah, we’re moving this weekend, and there’s some awful carpet in our new house that needs ripped out.  Let’s just say that it doesn’t smell very good…  I’m hoping that I don’t contract some kind of strange flesh eating disease in the process.  My wife picked me up a handy-dandy, Home Depot face mask, so I’m feeling mildly optimistic.  But then again, there are like three trillion tack strips that need pried up, so I’ll probably suffer multiple wounds to the hand, thereby providing the nasties direct access to my blood stream. 

So anyway, I’m going to be busy for a few days.  I probably won’t post until Tuesday… although, I must say that I listened to two things that are really good.  You’ll definitely be interested in hearing them.  But like I said, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday (Maybe Monday, if things go well). 

In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Walking with the Mailman, if you haven’t already.  Check it out here: Link

Wish me luck.  I’m going in!

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For those of you who might be interested in a hearty analysis of modern Roman Catholicism, I would encourage you to give this episode of “Christ the Center” a listen.  The discussion is supported by a robust panel of OPC pastors who know their stuff. 

Difficulty: Advanced.  There are a lot of theological categories thrown around, as well as names of thinkers who represent systems of thought.  Many listeners will get lost in the deep woods of systematics.

Must Listen Factor: This is fairly specialized.  So in other words, unless you’re an audio scavenger like myself, or unless you have a special interest in RCism, then save hard drive space.

Length: 52 minutes

To Download: Click picture.

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Jesus is the Son of God.  It’s such a simple statement, and yet, what does it mean?  In ancient Greek culture, it wasn’t uncommon for the gods to copulate with humans and produce a kind of super-human offspring.  Is that what “Son” suggests?

Was “Son” an applicable title for the second person of the Trinity before He became incarnate?  In other words, is there an eternal and ontological Sonship?  John 3:17 seems to say so.  So what does “Son” mean?    

Angels and humans are sometimes called “sons of God.”  So how does that factor into the equation?

The question of Sonship is a profoundly interesting one, and in this message D.A. Carson unpacks the theme in a precise and illuminating way.  Nevertheless, the boundaries of human understanding are pressed in this lecture.  Carson admits as much.  That being said, there is much light shed on the subject.  I think you’ll find it not only fascinating, but insightful. 

Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced (The concepts are heavy at times, but the presentation is clear.  The listener won’t get lost in a pile of systematic theologies).

Must Listen Factor: High

Length: 1 Hour

To Download: Click picture.

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Think Neil Armstrong, Shackleton, Lewis and Clark…

The Mailman!

For what is the mailman, if not a dashing adventurer wrapped in blue?  Does he not daily brave the sidewalks of America, that place where the average citizen roams wild, unhindered and real?  Does he not tackle blizzards, endure tempests, wrestle frothy-mouthed dogs, overcome mobs of sticky children, and yes, successfully navigate those bizarre and unique spaces most commonly known as lawns?

Yes, the mailman does it all.  But few have chronicled his tales of adventure… that is, until now!

In a style that’s decidedly humorous, not encyclopedic, quirky, but not in need of psychiatric care, letter carrier, Austin Brown, recounts fifteen years of postal life as a mailman.  The doors are thrown wide open, and like the contents of a fragile parcel, the mysteries of postal life are shattered, revealing the inner workings in all their brilliant glory.  So step into a world not unlike a Norman Rockwell painting, but one where the neighborhood dog is firmly latched on the mailman’s leg. 

It’s an experience you won’t forget.

Buy the book not only for a good laugh, but in order to help a great cause, as a substantial portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Be The Match foundation, an organization dedicated to helping people find life saving bone marrow matches. 

For more information about the book and how you can give the gift of life, visit:  www.walkingwiththemailman.com or www.bethematchfoundation.org

Order your copy through Amazon today!

Order it here: Link.


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There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding Rick Warren’s message at the 2010 Desiring God Conference.  A lot.  And I have to say that some of the criticisms leveled against Pastor Warren have been embarrassingly harsh and undignified.  The following from “Fighting for the Faith” is one such example: Link

The episode description says, “Rick Warren’s Lecture at the Desiring God Conference was a circus of Blatant Bible Twisting and Pelagianism. John Piper owes us an apology and must publicly rebuke Warren for his false teaching.”

Well, rather ironically, while the theology and “purpose-driven-mega-pragmatic-model” of Saddleback is denounced, it is done so in an equally, if not more, discreditable way. 

The podcast is shameful.  It really is.

Thankfully, there are more even-handed denunciations out there.  And one such example would be James White.  Here recently he was a guest on No Compromise Radio.  His criticisms are fair, thoughtful and honest.  Emotions are held in check.  Slander is avoided.

It is for this reason that I commend the podcast to you.

Difficulty: Moderate

Must Listen Factor: Low to Moderate.  High if you are interested in all the hubbub.

Length: 25:00

To Download: Click picture.

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Yeah, ok, so the panel discussions weren’t the most amazing things I’ve ever heard, which means that unless you’re an audio scavenger like myself- someone who’ll listen to just about anything lying around- you’re probably not going to want invest two hours of your time on them. 

That being said, there are two segments you might want to hear. 

The first is what Burk Parsons and John Piper had to say about Rick Warren’s message.  Skip to the 2:53 mark here: Link.  The two of them share their thoughts for about seven minutes. 

The second is delightful.  Piper was asked about being honored.  How should a person handle applause?  Or praise?  The answer is wonderfully helpful.  Skip to the 18:45 mark in the video here (This one comes from the second panel discussion): Link


Difficulty: Easy

Must Listen Factor: Only audio scavengers will probably want to invest two hours listening to these.

To Download: Click the provided links above.

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