2010 Desiring God National Conference Panel Discussions – Various Speakers

Yeah, ok, so the panel discussions weren’t the most amazing things I’ve ever heard, which means that unless you’re an audio scavenger like myself- someone who’ll listen to just about anything lying around- you’re probably not going to want invest two hours of your time on them. 

That being said, there are two segments you might want to hear. 

The first is what Burk Parsons and John Piper had to say about Rick Warren’s message.  Skip to the 2:53 mark here: Link.  The two of them share their thoughts for about seven minutes. 

The second is delightful.  Piper was asked about being honored.  How should a person handle applause?  Or praise?  The answer is wonderfully helpful.  Skip to the 18:45 mark in the video here (This one comes from the second panel discussion): Link


Difficulty: Easy

Must Listen Factor: Only audio scavengers will probably want to invest two hours listening to these.

To Download: Click the provided links above.


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