How Can God Have A Son? – D.A. Carson

Jesus is the Son of God.  It’s such a simple statement, and yet, what does it mean?  In ancient Greek culture, it wasn’t uncommon for the gods to copulate with humans and produce a kind of super-human offspring.  Is that what “Son” suggests?

Was “Son” an applicable title for the second person of the Trinity before He became incarnate?  In other words, is there an eternal and ontological Sonship?  John 3:17 seems to say so.  So what does “Son” mean?    

Angels and humans are sometimes called “sons of God.”  So how does that factor into the equation?

The question of Sonship is a profoundly interesting one, and in this message D.A. Carson unpacks the theme in a precise and illuminating way.  Nevertheless, the boundaries of human understanding are pressed in this lecture.  Carson admits as much.  That being said, there is much light shed on the subject.  I think you’ll find it not only fascinating, but insightful. 

Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced (The concepts are heavy at times, but the presentation is clear.  The listener won’t get lost in a pile of systematic theologies).

Must Listen Factor: High

Length: 1 Hour

To Download: Click picture.


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