Leadership Interview with Mez McConnell – 9Marks

Testimonies are not only powerful, but awe-inspiring.  God’s wonderful grace is set on display.  And in the case of Mez McConnell, God’s patient and persistent, heart-melting love is especially evident.

This is certainly the story of a young man being saved from drugs and violence and hard-heartedness (which I might add as an aside, is told in a powerful way), but it is more than that.  Mez is now is a preacher in inner-city Edinburgh, Scotland.  He ventures right into the darkest areas of society.  He goes right for the scum, if you will.  And it is moving… and convicting.  

As a deacon, I’m going to especially ask other deacons to listen to this message.  There is much here that we need to absorb and emulate.  Tactics are discussed, but that isn’t the focal point.  It’s the heart of the man that should strike us.  It is the passion and boldness that should arrest us.

So give it a go.  It’s a good interview.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate to High.  Calling all deacons!  Give it an hour of your time.

Length: 1 hour.

To Download: Click Picture.


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