Philosophers Debate The Moral Argument For The Existence Of God – Unbelievable

There is something strangely refreshing, but ultimately terrifying about a consistent atheist. 

In the course of my listening, it hasn’t been uncommon to hear atheists, even devout atheists, seek to objectify morality, as though there were, even in a wholly materialistic universe, something beyond the purely relativistic with which to anchor their claims. 

The entire enterprise, of course, is a futile endeavor (I can hear the disgruntled atheist kicking and screaming now).  Human morality, in their view of things, can be nothing more than a preference, a mere whim bubbling around in the cauldron of their highly conditioned wills.  It is a human convention, a simple game of “Oh, I think- according to my subjective and limited perspective- that such and such is wrong.”

Well, let me introduce you to Cambridge Philosopher Arif Ahmed, a man who is frightfully consistent in his atheism.  Like I said, it is, on the one hand, refreshing to witness honesty, but at the end of the day, it’s woefully inadequate, not to mention scary.

In this episode, he interacts with Christian philosopher, Glenn People’s.

Difficulty:  Difficult to Advanced.  The conversation turns technical at many junctures.

Must Listen Factor: Oh, I’d say moderate to low.  If you enjoy this kind of stuff, or if you’ve never listened to anything along these lines, give it a go. 

Length: 1 Hour.

To Download: Click the picture.  Scroll down to October 16th.  Do you see the little headphone symbol near the bottom.  Save that.


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