A Hodgepodge

Well, it’s been a slow audio week.  Mediocre is the word.  Nothing earth shattering.  Nothing deplorable.  Just average.   

So I guess I’ll go ahead and bullet what I did scavenge, in the event that someone else out there might find it tasty.  Maybe it will feel like shopping at Pier One Imports.  Whenever I go there, it feels like a treasure hunt.  There are piles of knickknacks everywhere- strange tokens and foreign items stacked up to the ceiling.  I’ll stumble across something and hum, “Oh, what we got here?”

Maybe you’ll feel the same way.

So without further adieu, here’s a hodgepodge of stuff.

Knowledge Beyond Science: How Can We Know The Truth Outside the Material Realm? – David Helfand and Ken Miller

A wishy washy (that’s my first impression, anyway) Christian interacts with a firm (shall I say passively arrogant?) agnostic.  There are some nuggets here and there, but overall, the conversation was frustrating.  It’s the same old-same old case of Mr. Scientific Christian failing to apply the details of the Christian worldview. 



What Does it Mean to be Human – Ravi Zacharius

Ok, so this was a great message.  But if you’ve followed Ravi over the years, it’s going to sound a bit familiar.  The Q and A had some interesting questions, but Ravi went for too much, in my opinion.  How so?  He tried to provide really deep and profound answers, each and every time.  That’s to be applauded, no doubt, but some of the questions, I felt, could have been answered more succinctly.  I guess I’m trying to say that it felt like he was trying too hard.  But this is a minor complaint.   



Nonsense of Stilts – Massimo Pigliucci (Point of Inquiry)

An atheist addresses the question of demarcation, namely, how we can determine what is science and what is pseudoscience.  He’s an atheist, so prepare to be annoyed. 



Word, Water and Spirit – John Fesko

Ok, so I was wrong.  Here’s a good one… if you’re interested in the subject of baptism.  Basically, the regulars on Christ the Center ask Dr. Fesko a number of interesting questions, which he answers, not only effortlessly, but with profundity.  I commend this to you.



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