The Heidelberg Catechism – Carl Trueman

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  I did.  The turkey was tasty, the time with family was good, and we watched the fantastic movie “How to Train a Dragon.”

Good times.

As far as audio is concerned, I’ve been busy working on my new house, so I haven’t been scavenging quite as much as usual.  That being said, I did stumble across this great lecture from Dr. Trueman.  It’s an interesting look at the Heidelberg Catechism… though not the catechism, narrowly considered, although it does do that a bit, but the historical events leading to its formulation. 

If you’re into history, you’ll definitely enjoy this lecture.  It’s interesting and informative.  I know I certainly learned a lot.  Dr. Trueman is a good lecturer, as well.  He knows how to hold people’s attention.  But then again, I’m a total sucker for an accent.  It’s just simply cooler.  

Difficulty: Fairly specialized.  Not meant for new Christians.  But is nevertheless very understandable. 

Must Listen Factor: Medium.  Like the mashed potatoes and freshly cooked turkey, history gurus will want to gobble this up.  For them, I suspect that this very high. 

Length: 1 Hour

To Download: Click picture.   It is lecture 5 (I suspect this link will go bad after a while.  The page will probably be changed when a new conference hits the scene).


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