Q and A With John Piper and Conrad Mbewe – Rezolution 2010

I’m usually not a big fan of Q and A sessions.  No wait, I take that back.  I enjoy listening to Q and A sessions.  They’re often entertaining in the sense that they’re not scripted.  And that offers real insight into the character of the panel.  But rarely do I walk away from such events feeling especially edified.

 This session was very different. 

Both John Piper and Conrad Mbewe, the latter of which I’ve never heard before but will gladly report of his being a very able and godly speaker (at least what I heard here), answered a wide array of questions with tremendous pastoral and biblical care.  The full hour and twenty minutes flew by.  It was an utter joy listening to them.

I heartily commend it to you.

Difficulty: Moderate

Must Listen Factor: If you lean towards the audio scavenger side at all, check this out.  Good stuff.

Length: 1 hour 25 minutes

To Download: Click picture and download accordingly.


3 thoughts on “Q and A With John Piper and Conrad Mbewe – Rezolution 2010

  1. Would really like to download this audio, but what does download is a printed page full of gibberish (“machine language” I think it’s called). It won’t work at all on iTunes or Real Player. I’ve enjoyed other downloads from your offerings and this is the first one that won’t work. Am I missing something? Anyway, many thanks for all the great messages you’ve “scavenged”!

    1. Hello,

      If you left click the picture, it will take you to the DG website. There you will see a large box, and in the bottom right hand corner there is a download tab. When you put your mouse over the download tab, a download full audio will appear. Right click and save to hard drive.

      Hope that helps! And I hope you enjoy the Q and A.

      In Christ,


  2. Austin – Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, that was exactly the procedure I was using, with the results described. I was using Firefox browser. Thought I’d try Safari instead, and it worked perfectly! Strange, huh?

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