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Let’s be honest, texts like 1 Timothy 2:4 and 2 Peter 3:9 pose a challenge to the doctrine of unconditional election.  And Arminians love to remind Calvinists of this fact. 

Over the years, I’ve discussed theology with my fair share of free will theists.  While exploring the doctrines of sovereign grace, it usually takes, oh, about 3.2 minutes before one of the above passages is unsheathed.  I’ll point to the first chapter of Ephesians, and they’ll smile and point at 1 Timothy 2:4.  I’ll ask them to consider Romans 9, and they’ll promptly turn to 2 Peter.  Know what I’m talking about? 

Here a number of us Calvinists will try to explain what has come to be known as “The two wills of God.”  But if you’ve ever gone that route before, that is, address the difficulty head on, you know it’s a tough sell.  The Arminian scrunches his face and rolls his eyes and usually dismisses the notion.  “Sir,” he replies, “you’re grasping for straws.” (more…)

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While situated in a black leather chair in the comfort of his living room, Pastor Tim Keller answers a host of questions about his life and latest book.  It’s an interesting hour and a half.  Everything from his conversion to his early ministry to the beginnings of Redeemer is discussed.  His mild manner and approachability are certainly evident throughout, which makes for a good listen.

In the second segment, which is approximately 45 minutes long, his newest book, “Generous Justice,” is taken up.  Issues including the nature of justice, social justice, and mercy ministry are unpacked with pastoral insight.  As a deacon, I’m very much interested in getting my hands on a copy.  I suspect many of you would likewise enjoy it as well.

Difficulty: This is easy listening, my friends.

Must Listen Factor: Tim Keller’s an influential figure.  He’s interesting, thought-provoking, and winsome.  Audio scavengers shouldn’t hesitate to download this one.  As for the rest, unless you’re interested in learning more about the man, your time could be better spent elsewhere. 

Length: About an hour and a half.

To Download: Click picture for the first segment.  Click here for the second:  Link.

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I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone has weighed in on N.T. Wright.  There are those who adore the man.  And there are, of course, those who always carry on their person a long coil of rope, so that in the event of a random encounter with the man, they would be prepared to conduct a lynching. 

D.A. Carson’s opinion of Wright’s theology falls somewhere between the extremes.  During a recent Q and A session, Dr. Carson was asked about the New Perspective on Paul and N.T. Wright.  With insight and grace, Dr. Carson touched on the subject, pointing out what may very well be the central error in Wright’s theological perspective. 

I leave you to judge whether this is so.

Difficulty: Moderate/Specialized

Must Listen Factor: Specialized. Only those familiar with the NPP and N.T. Wright should bother listening to this.

Length:  About 10 minutes.  Go to the 54 minute mark.  The question begins shortly thereafter.

To Download: Click picture.  You’ll see the download audio button.

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I’d like to draw your attention to a new, snazzy, Reformed, gentle, but not too gentle (like pansy gentle or girl pushup gentle) blog where yours truly is a fellow contributor. 

In a nutshell, we share our musings about theology, culture, history, books and pretty much anything and everything that strikes our fancy.  Since Calvinists, especially Presbyterian Calvinists, have a reputation of thrashing their theological opponents- like all those poor shivering Arminians out there- we wanted to blog in a more gentle fashion; write in a winsome and constructive manner.  Not too much demo-work.

Naturally, my niche centers on the world of podcasts.    

The mastermind behind the project is Barry York, pastor of Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA).  You can find out more about him here

As for the other contributors, they include: C.J. Williams, Professor of Old Testament Studies at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Jared Olivetti, pastor of Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA), and Michael LeFebvre, pastor of Christ Church (RPCNA).

Anyway, check it out!  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the blog.   http://genref.wordpress.com

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I never cease to be amazed at what I hear from the mouths of pro-choice advocates. 

Never wavering from calling the unborn baby a fetus, Professor Chadwick, the pro-choicer, nevertheless concedes that the fetus is human life.  This is chilling.  For here you have an educated woman advancing, nay, trumpeting the belief that a woman has the right to end a human life, essentially because that life temporarily lives inside her.  Scary. 

And why does she cling to this idea? 

Because it’s a woman’s right, plain and simple.  It’s her body.  She can do as she wishes. 

Thankfully, Alan Shlemon, a pro-life advocate, soundly rebuts these fallacious arguments again and again in this debate.  But you know what?  While I appreciate his answers, and while I think everyone should be familiar with them, I want you to listen to this debate not so much to hear his replies, as good as they are, but I want you to listen to her.  Hear the flimsy arguments yourself.  Note the dodging of the questions.  Try to count the fallacies.  For they are many. 

In fact, if I were teaching a course in logic, I’d probably use this debate to highlight the various forms of logical fallacies.  Many would be covered. 

Difficulty: Moderate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate to High.  If you’ve never listened to an abortion debate, this one isn’t bad.  There are probably better defenders of the pro-choice position out there.  Nevertheless, she’s a professor of women’s studies.  She should know what she’s talking about.

Length: Less than an hour.

To Download: Click picture and click “Download Audio MP3 Here.”

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