Should Abortion Be Illegal? – Alan Shlemon vs. Cicili Chadwick

I never cease to be amazed at what I hear from the mouths of pro-choice advocates. 

Never wavering from calling the unborn baby a fetus, Professor Chadwick, the pro-choicer, nevertheless concedes that the fetus is human life.  This is chilling.  For here you have an educated woman advancing, nay, trumpeting the belief that a woman has the right to end a human life, essentially because that life temporarily lives inside her.  Scary. 

And why does she cling to this idea? 

Because it’s a woman’s right, plain and simple.  It’s her body.  She can do as she wishes. 

Thankfully, Alan Shlemon, a pro-life advocate, soundly rebuts these fallacious arguments again and again in this debate.  But you know what?  While I appreciate his answers, and while I think everyone should be familiar with them, I want you to listen to this debate not so much to hear his replies, as good as they are, but I want you to listen to her.  Hear the flimsy arguments yourself.  Note the dodging of the questions.  Try to count the fallacies.  For they are many. 

In fact, if I were teaching a course in logic, I’d probably use this debate to highlight the various forms of logical fallacies.  Many would be covered. 

Difficulty: Moderate

Must Listen Factor: Moderate to High.  If you’ve never listened to an abortion debate, this one isn’t bad.  There are probably better defenders of the pro-choice position out there.  Nevertheless, she’s a professor of women’s studies.  She should know what she’s talking about.

Length: Less than an hour.

To Download: Click picture and click “Download Audio MP3 Here.”


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