Check Out The New Blog: Gentle Reformation

I’d like to draw your attention to a new, snazzy, Reformed, gentle, but not too gentle (like pansy gentle or girl pushup gentle) blog where yours truly is a fellow contributor. 

In a nutshell, we share our musings about theology, culture, history, books and pretty much anything and everything that strikes our fancy.  Since Calvinists, especially Presbyterian Calvinists, have a reputation of thrashing their theological opponents- like all those poor shivering Arminians out there- we wanted to blog in a more gentle fashion; write in a winsome and constructive manner.  Not too much demo-work.

Naturally, my niche centers on the world of podcasts.    

The mastermind behind the project is Barry York, pastor of Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA).  You can find out more about him here

As for the other contributors, they include: C.J. Williams, Professor of Old Testament Studies at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Jared Olivetti, pastor of Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA), and Michael LeFebvre, pastor of Christ Church (RPCNA).

Anyway, check it out!  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the blog.


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