Leadership Interview with Bruce Winter – 9Marks

I love it when I meet a new, biblically astute theologian.  By “new” I don’t mean someone who has freshly emerged from seminary, but rather a scholar who, up until this point, was unknown to me.  

And so it was when I downloaded the latest 9Marks interview about a week or so ago, that I met Dr. Bruce Winter, a NT scholar residing at Tyndale House (oops, see correction below).  Being a man thoroughly acquainted with ancient history, especially the often bizarre and exotic culture of Corinth, Mr. Winter was able to shed much light on Paul’s epistles to the Corinthians.  Much light. 

This made for an excellent interview.  A number of tasty tidbits could be highlighted, but I’ll simply entice you with the word “leader.”  What’s so enticing about that?  Well, Mr. Winter doesn’t at all like the term “Christian leader.”  He feels it is misleading, if not wrong.  And he makes a good case.    

Now when I finished the interview, I quickly set out to find anything and everything he had lectured on.  Several things popped up.  And several of them are excellent. 

Here’s what I found:

Euro Leadership Forum

  • Paul’s Pastoral Strategy in I Corinthians
  • You Were What You Wore in Roman law – Women in the Pauline Communities
  • Secularization of First century Christian Leadership – Inroads of Secular Models
  • Paul – Demolition and Reconstruction
  • Teaching for transformation – Transformed Teachers

I made the mistake of listening to them in a very short period of time.  Overlap, therefore, made them a bit repetitive.  But it wasn’t bad.  Each offers a number of valuable nuggets.  But if I were going to recommend one lecture, one really helpful message, I would definitely pick “You Were What You Wore in Roman Law.”  The issue of head coverings in 1 Corinthians is wonderfully brought to life. 

So I heartily recommend it to you.

Difficulty: The Interview is moderate difficulty.  The lectures are fairly advanced.

Must Listen Factor: If you are studying through 1 Corinthians, or teaching 1 Corinthians, these are must listens. 

Length: The interview is about an hour.  The lectures run about the same length (although one of them is about 2.5 hours). 

To Download: Left click the picture.


3 thoughts on “Leadership Interview with Bruce Winter – 9Marks

  1. Hi.
    Just for clarification, I know Dr Winter personally, and he is no longer at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Since 2007 he has resided in Queensland, Australia and has served as Principal of the Queensland Theological College.
    Check out his entry on Wikipedia:

    Here is the college:

    That’s just for your information. But you’re right, when it comes to the socio-historical context of the New Testament he’s up there with the best.
    He’s also written some great books. Google his name and you can find a few he’s written. Some are a bit technical, but still filled with great stuff.

  2. Any idea where I could find these talks, since it seems the Euro Leadership Forum site has been taken down? I’m particularly interested in Secularization of Leadership talk.

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