The Spirit-Filled Missional Ministry of Jesus – Mark Driscoll

Are you Reformed?  I mean like black coffee Presbyterian, John Calvin fan club member, "yes, I own Francis Turretin’s three volumes of Elenctic Theology" Reformed?  If so, do you want to feel uncomfortable? Oh, I trust you do.  Don’t Presbyterians love a good challenge? Well, I’ve been digging around in the goldmine of workshops from [...]

The Tide of Culture (It Gets Better, by Google)

----- I recently saw this commercial while watching the NBA playoffs.  The thought that entered my mind, after watching this powerful commercial, was, "It's going to get tougher... for us." Let us speak clearly, yet lovingly, brothers in the days to come. You might check out James White's recent interview with Dr. Mike Brown.  They discuss his latest book [...]

Mistakes in Church Planting – Darrin Patrick

At this year’s Sovereign Grace church planting conference (Plant and Build), I expected to most enjoy Mark Dever’s or C. J. Mahaney’s talks.  In all honesty, that’s what initially drew me to the conference.  But while their messages were solid, I must say that I was especially appreciative of Darrin Patrick’s. I’ve never heard Pastor [...]