The Warnings of Scripture. A Reflection

Recent circumstances have reminded me again of the importance of the biblical warnings.  Here I have in mind those passages of Scripture that warn saints that they must continue in the faith or else be damned.  Colossians 1:21-23 is one such example. Typically, when these passages are considered, the tendency is to immediately jump on the [...]

Business for the Glory of God (Clarus Conference) – Wayne Grudem

How might you answer these questions? Is God pleased with our owning things? Is God pleased when we take materials from the earth and produce things? Is God pleased when men employ others for work? Is God pleased with commercial transaction? Is God pleased with men making a profit? Is God pleased with the idea [...]

Is Anything Worth Believing? – John Lennox

The latest issue of Scientific America headlines: The Physics of Intelligence Evolution has packed 100-billion neurons into our three-pound brain Can we get any smarter? If we believe that chance exquisitely laced these neurons together, then I sure hope so. -------- Speaking of science, it’s popular these days to talk about the incompatibility of science [...]