Gospel Coalition Workshops: A Tasty Assortment

The workshops at this year’s Gospel Coalition National Conference have been good.  And a few have been outstanding.  Of the some 35 or so sessions, I’ve listened to about a third.  So maybe there’s a few more gems just waiting to be unearthed.  I’m hoping, anyway.  Regardless, here are a few stand outs.  None of them are “Must Listens,” but neither are they low to moderate.

Training the Next Generation of Pastors and Other Christian Leaders – Panel Discussion: R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Mark Driscoll, David Helm, Don Carson and Ligon Duncan

A fascinating round table discussion involving a few of evangelicalism’s bigger movers and shakers.  If you listen to nothing else, check out Dr. Mohler’s understanding of the relationship between the seminary and the church. Start at 11:19.  I very much appreciated his perspective.  And to reiterate something I’ve already said, I really respect this man.  He’s a good godly leader.


The Feminist Mistake – Mary Kassian

A theologically compelling and historically interesting recounting and appraisal of the feminist movement.  Very good stuff!


Power Through Weakness – Tim Savage

A good exposition of the idea “When I am weak, then I am strong.”


What Should a Local Church Look Like? – Tim Keller, Crawford Loritts, and Mark Dever

How can a conversation between these three guys not be interesting?  Need I say more?



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