A Christian Psychology Of And Response To Homosexuality – Sam Williams

Not long ago, Justin Taylor highlighted a lecture by Sam Williams, saying, “This is the best one-hour introduction [to the psychology of homosexuality] you can find.”

I agree.

Here are some of the questions raised and addressed (as aptly outlined by Taylor) in this presentation.

What causes homosexuality?
Can we be responsible for that which is not consciously chosen?
What is the difference between having same-same attraction, same-sex orientation, and being “gay” or “lesbian”?
How many people self-identify in these ways?
Do people with same-same attraction actually change?
How can they change?
What does the gospel have to do with this issue?
How can we promote change in the church for those who struggle?

Must Listen Factor: Quite High

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 1 Hour

To Download: Left click picture (The lecture was given on 10/18/11).


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