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Sound of Doctrine is Moving

Greeings all!

For some time now I’ve been posting on two websites: This one and another entitled “Gentle Reformation.”  Beginning now I’m only going to post over at Gentle Reformation.  The content will remain largely the same (audio reviews and recommendations), so no need to panic 🙂

I’ll keep this site up for a while, so as to preserve older posts for your consideration.

So come on over!  Follow me at Gentle Reformation.  There are a number of excellent authors (pastors and professors) who will undoubtedly feed your soul.


See you there!

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Anytime two figures like John Piper and R.C. Sproul sit down to discuss and reflect on their ministries, one must surely perk up and pay attention.  During this hour-and-a-half Q and A session a wide array of issues are broached.  I thought the entire interchange was delightful, but I especially enjoyed the segment where glory and holiness were examined and related to one another.  Ministry Reflections with John Piper and R. C. Sproul


Just today I began a ten hour seminar on spiritual warfare by Dr. Gerry Breshears.  The first two hours are a little slow going, but the third session (“Biblical Worldview”) is very interesting.  His exposition of the “gods” in the OT is not only perceptive, but more than a little interesting.  I’m presently looking forward to hearing the rest.  Spiritual Warfare


Highland Theological College has an impressive catalog of past guest lecturers (Sinclair Ferguson, Paul Helm, Ted Donnelly, and Doug Kelly, to just name a few).  It is worth your time to at least peruse the list.  For myself, I especially enjoyed the following three lectures:  Gordon Wenham’s FF Bruce Lecture (2008) on the Psalms, Richard Gaffin’s 2004 John Murray lecture on the doctrine of Union with Christ, and Howard Marshall’s 2004 F.F. Bruce lecture on the atonement (while perhaps a bit been there done that for some, is nevertheless clear and solid).  I would also heartily recommend Sinclair Ferguson’s 2006 John Murray lecture on Christus Victor (which I have already done elsewhere).  Highland Theological College Lectures

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