(Sunday School Items) The Case for Utter Hopelessness

The following is intended for a Sunday School class at McIlwain Presbyterian Church. Atheists: A Sampling of the More Popular Players: Sam Harris Richard Dawkins Christopher Hitchens (deceased) Daniel Dennet Bill Nye Lawrence Krauss Peter Singer Alex Rosenberg Steven Pinker Alex O'Connor (Cosmic Skeptic)   Frederick Nietzche (deceased) Bertrand Russel (Deceased) ---------- Humanist Manifesto I [...]


Satan’s Awful Idea (Free PDF)

For those who would like to think further about Satan's fall and God's peculiar response to the kingdom of darkness (from a distinctly Reformed perspective), I'd encourage you to consider my book.  It is entitled, "Satan's Awful Idea: A Biblical Theology of Satan's Fall and its Implications on the Unfolding Human Drama." Here are some [...]