THE XY DOT: A NOVEL (Looking for Feedback)

Download Free PDF Here

Whenever one embarks on a writing project, there eventually comes that point when all is finished and the author must face the public with fear and trembling.  Such is the nature of all artistic endeavors.  Not only do tastes vary.  Not only do convictions differ.  But there is the very real possibility that what you have created is subpar.  Or simply ho-hum.

I hope what I have written is neither boring nor lifeless, but ultimately I am not the judge.  Others are.  And so I come now asking for your considered opinion.  But not merely of the style or general excellence of writing, which I trust is fair enough, but particularly of the message.  For in this novel I have waded out into the turbulent waters of the pro-life and pro-choice debate, where passions run high and convictions run deep.

Now while it is true that I land on the pro-life side of this debate, I have approached this issue from an unusual, if not bizarre angle.  In THE XY DOT, I have labored to help readers think about the issue from an odd perspective- one almost quixotic in nature.  Certainly quirky and humorous.

I do this by creating a world where only girls are being conceived.  In this vein, imagine that it is the Spring of 1997, and for reasons no can discern, no matter the effort, not a single boy is conceived.  Now imagine that this continues on, year after year, right up until the present, with nature admitting no exceptions, save one, a now nine-and-a-half-year-old-boy by the name Adam whom we follow in this intriguing new landscape.

Try to imagine what a world like this would look like?  To what lengths would the scientific community go to produce a boy?  Would girls be devalued in this context?  How would people think of the future?  What value would be attached to an XY bearing zygote?  What value would attributed to female ones?  And why?

Now imagine that all of this is explored through the comically peculiar perspective of young Adam, the only boy on the planet.

If this sounds at all intriguing, then maybe THE XY DOT will prove enjoyable to you.

I am looking for feedback.  Honest feedback.  So if you’re willing to give the book a try, I have made the work available for free as a PDF (see above).  What I am particularly interested to know is whether or not the central theme and argument of the book is persuasive- especially if you are pro-choice.  Does it at all make you rethink the position?  If not, why not?  And if so, why so?  I’m extremely eager to hear your thoughts and will attempt to reply to all who want to share said thoughts.

I sincerely thank you for your time!








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