Christ the Center – Dr. James Dolezal

If there’s one thing I appreciate about the podcast Christ the Centerit would be their willingness to keep the cookies on the top shelf.  In other words, they aren’t afraid to toss around heavy theological concepts and technical words.  In fact, they act like it’s the most natural thing in the world, which is fun, [...]


Two Weeks of Listening. Some Snapshot Thoughts

Apologetics 315 Interview with David Wood Excellent interview exploring the subject of Islam.  Instead of looking at the historical evidence, which is rarely what Muslims care to explore, David Wood very helpfully shows how one can and should use the Koran itself as a foil to the Muslim’s most common objections against Christianity.  Good stuff. [...]

Armchair Theology

Recently I was asked by Dave over at Armchair Theology if I would be willing to answer a few questions about my blog, interview style.  I was like, “What the!  Who me?”  But after looking over my shoulder and finding no one standing there, I answered, “Well, sure, it would be my honor!” So if [...]

Check Out The New Blog: Gentle Reformation

I’d like to draw your attention to a new, snazzy, Reformed, gentle, but not too gentle (like pansy gentle or girl pushup gentle) blog where yours truly is a fellow contributor.  In a nutshell, we share our musings about theology, culture, history, books and pretty much anything and everything that strikes our fancy.  Since Calvinists, [...]

Leadership Interview with Mez McConnell – 9Marks

Testimonies are not only powerful, but awe-inspiring.  God’s wonderful grace is set on display.  And in the case of Mez McConnell, God’s patient and persistent, heart-melting love is especially evident. This is certainly the story of a young man being saved from drugs and violence and hard-heartedness (which I might add as an aside, is [...]

James White on Rick Warren – No Compromise Radio

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding Rick Warren’s message at the 2010 Desiring God Conference.  A lot.  And I have to say that some of the criticisms leveled against Pastor Warren have been embarrassingly harsh and undignified.  The following from “Fighting for the Faith” is one such example: Link.  The episode description says, “Rick [...]